Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

A disaster day for Chelsea as the loose to Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. Mistakes from John Obi Mikel and Ashley Cole saw the reds take away all three points.

Chelsea started to attack first with two shots on targets.Liverpool were sitting deep early on, inviting Chelsea to attack. Just then Malouda does well to clip the ball to the back post and Juan Mata fires with a difficult angle across the goal where Liverpool clears.Two minutes later John Obi Mikel’s 25-yards volley was just not enough to score a goal. Glen Johnson proved a threat as he was unmarked mostly all the time. During the 23rd miute Chelsea recieved a free-kick. Drogba‘s free-kick shot just skimmed past the post and came back off the bill board and ruffled the net from the other side of the goal. Great effort by Drogba though. Mata and Drogba stole the attention from the crowd with their dangerous passes and movements. Liverpool possession in the Chelsea half threatened the fans. Just then at 34th minute John Obi Mikel shot pass from Petr Cech, scrambles it, to give the ball to Suarez  and with his first touch passes with Bellamy reaches Maxi who fires across the goal. Its Chelsea 0 Liverpool 1. The visitors continued to put pressure and just then David Luiz gave a free-kick outside the box while Suarez couldn’t hit the target as the ball went over the post. A minute later Suarez broke the Chelsea offside trap but then to failed to convert it as it gets deflected off the Brazilian. Chelsea were trailing by a sing goal at half-time. As pressure was mounting, Andres Villas Boas decided to bring Sturridge replacing the effectless John Obi Mikel. Chelsea finally got the equaliser at 55th mnute 10 minutes after the half-time by Malouda’s low shot from the edge of the area was tapped by Sturridge. Its Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1. Chelsea could have being  in front as Drogba’s free-kick curled with Reina making a spectacular reflex save to keep both sides level. Chelsea continued to put pressure as Mata chipped the ball toward the Frenchmen Malouda whose bicycle kick went wide of the Liverpool goal. Malouda could have being on scoresheet as his shot went wide of the goal from Ivanovic’s cross. As 10 minutes were remaining on the clock Andres Villas Boas decided to bring the former Liverpool players, Torres and Meireles to the field. Just 3 minutes before the full-time, Liverpool scored a winner as Adam’s long ball to Johnson on the right wing and he cut inside Ashley Cole to put the ball inside the back of the net. Full-time Chelsea 1 Liverpool2.Liverpool gained three points to put them in level with Chelsea.

Chelsea Player Ratings:

Petr Cech (6.0)            : Some smart early saves

Ivanovic (7.0)            : A pretty nice defending the whole match

Ashley Cole (5.5)       : Was very poor in marking Johnson

David Luiz (4.5)          : Didn’t play fully up-to the mark. Was sometimes over-confident

John Terry (5.5)         : Didn’t defend much well

Ramires (7.5)              : Inspired after second-half with some nice passing

Lampard (5.5)             : Was not in his full goal-scoring form

John Obi Mikel (4.5) : The creator of the first Liverpool goal

Malouda (5.5)              : Was spectator in the first half

Juan Mata (7.5)           : Attracted the crowd with his passes

Drogba (5.5)                  : Showed some interesting powerful long shots


Sturridge (7.0)              : The scorer of the only goal for Chelsea

Torres (N/A)                  : Not quite an impact in the game

Meireles(N/A)               : Not quite an impact in the game


4 thoughts on “Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

  1. I told you Liverpool will beat your Chelsea side 2-1. Only thing was missing that I should have place my bet on the game. I could have won some money. haha. Good game tho.

    • you were right………but Chelsea could have won this game. Its just that our defense was were weak…… the way thank God that i didn’t place a bet……..hahaha

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