Bayer Leverkusen 2 Chelsea 1

Its a tragedy of Chelsea as two late goals in the last 17 minutes from Leverkusen diminished the hopes of reaching the Champions League knockout stages. That night made the future of the Portuguese manager more unstable as Chelsea loose two consecutive matches in 4 days from Liverpool and Leverkusen respectively.  Eren Derdiyok and Manuel Friedrich‘s goal seal the win for Leverkusen.

Chelsea started the first half pretty confidently. both the teams were playing well with no major shots on tarjet untill the 20th minute. At 21st minute, Sturridge played an excellent pass for Mata  running in behind, but he can’t get there. Sturridge was looking very bright and dangerous with some crisp passes. 22 minutes had gone and Chelsea were comfortable in the German soil. Chelsea receives free-kick with Drogba  taking the 30 yard shot which ultimately reached safely in the hands of the keeper. He did better than Lampard‘s free-kick 6 minutes ago who wasted an opportunity. A major threat came at 33rd minute when Bender takes corner and the former blues player Ballack heading it which luckily hit the bar! A great chance for Chelsea as Sturridge, again the constructor, played a defense splitting pass to Drogba who tricks the keeper but fails to score a goal from an acute angle. Good effort though from him. Chelsea again recieved a scoring opportunity on the 43rd minute as Sturridge played an excellent through ball for Mata as ball slits the defense, but Mata’s right-footed shot went directly into the hands of the keeper. Its half-time and Chlesea had the potential to score a goal in the second half by seeing the first half. Second half started in flying colors for Chelsea as they scored a GOAL 2 minutes after the break, Sturridge’s , again the architect played a mouth watering curling through-ball over the German defence and Drogba traping the ball and with a turn-over shoting with his left foot into the corner of the goal. Great finishing from him. Chelsea were building with confidence with a decent header from Lampard and a nice try from 25 yards by Ivanovic whose shot went directly into the hands of the keeper. Just then Lampard played a lovely pass forward and Drogba miss hits the shot. A lovely try by Ballack as his over-head kick is tipped over by Petr Cech. Malouda replaces Mata in the 66th minute and Alex replaces Luiz in the 69th minute.Just after 2 minutes when the German side substituted Kadlec for Derdiyok, he scored a GOAL! Sam who was free in the left area received the ball through Kiebling who then passed to Derdiyok who  headed the ball into an empty net, scoring with his first touch. Chelsea needed to win this game in order to place a ticket for the knockout stages. Just then Ivanovic finds Malouda and the ball ends up in Drogba’s hands whose shot went way beyond the goal. Just when we needed some attack, Drogba twisted his angle. Chelsea suddenly switched to defensive play as conceded a corner in the 90+1 minute. Just when the Chelsea fans expected a draw, Toprak’s corner reaches the German defender Friedrich who converts it into a goal with a header. It was a mistake by Alex as he could have cleared the ball. The match ended with Byer Leverkusen 2 and Chelsea 1. What a turn around. Chelsea loose 4 games in 7 matches. Chelsea need to win against Valencia, who routed 7-0 to Genk, at Stamford Bridge in order to qualify for group stages.

Match goal highlights :























Chelsea Player Ratings:

Petr Cech (5.0)           : Failed to save the goals

Ivanovic (5.5)            : Was badly out of position

David Luiz (6.0)         : Looked more composed

Jose Bosingwa (6.5) : Was a threat in the attack

John Terry (6.5)         : Covered the full backs well and also a solid presence

Ramires (7.0)              : worked hard all night

Lampard (6.5)             : was with the attacking flow

Raul Meireles (6.5)   : was measured and effective in his approach to the game

Juan Mata (7.5)           : struggled to make an impact

Drogba (5.5)                  : looked lively all the time

Daniel Sturridge (6.5): Was awesome the whole time with his excellent pace


Alex (5.5)                        : not fully in his form

Obi Mikel (N/A)            : had an improvement in the game

Malouda(6.0)                : played terrific passes to Drogba


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