This Is It?? Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

AVB days are numbered with losing again with Liverpool in the home soil in the League Cup with Maxi (again the scorer) and Kelly netting the ball in the net to make it 2-0. It was horror night for Chelsea fans as they were kicked in the quarter finals last night.

The match started with Terry, Cech, Ramires, Sturridge in the bench and young players like Lukaku, McEachran, Ryan Bertrnad making the starting eleven. The first-half was interesting as both the teams tried their best to test the keeper. There were many shots flying into the target by both teams but failed to convert it into goal. The real opportunity came knocking on Liverpool’s door when Alex’s unintentional handball inside the penalty box gave them a penalty. Andy Carroll stepped in to take the penalty. BUT failed to convert it into goal by a beautiful save by Turnbull. Carroll failed to prove his worthiness in the club to his manager with this poor penalty. Liverpool outnumbered Chelsea’s defense with Bellamy and Kelly combination. Chelsea made an early substitution in the match with McEachran coming out while Ramires comes in as he had a minor injury in the game.  The best chance came for Chelsea at the 45 minute when Bosingwa’s early cross reached Lukaku but his header nearly missed the target with Reina just looking at the ball. The first-half went pretty normal with both teams fighting for possession but the game is still wide open!!

The second-half starts in the same way as much of the first did, with Chelsea cheaply giving away the possession, this time with a improper pass from Romeu and Liverpool trying to build from the back. Once again Chelsea came close with Lampard’s free-kick whish turned onto the bar, before Luiz diving header from yards away from the goal was save and deflected to Chelsea corner. At 59 minute a crack in the defence was spotted by the Liverpool players as Bertrnad steps up giving a way for Bellamy to exploit the space behind him and Bellamy taking this huge chance crosses low to Maxi who did the finishing part. Its Chelsea 0 Liverpool1. Just when the crowds went back to their seats after rejoicing the first goal, Bellamy’s free-kick at the 64 minute reaches the un-marked Kelly in the box who headed the ball inside the Chelsea net. Chelsea could have made it 1-2 when Anelka who remains onside races away from the defenders and the keeper but failed to convert it into a goal as his shot was cleared by the defence. Another chance came right away as Torres heads it into the goal but Reina does it well to prevent it from going. The blues were pushing hard with some majority possession but the striking options were lacking. Liverpool seemed to be enjoying the game with few minutes remaining in the clock.  Full-time at Stamford Bridge. Its Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2. Bellamy has became a nightmare for AVB as Chelsea lost 2 continuous matches against Liverpool within two weeks.

Chelsea Player Ratings:

Turnbull (6.5)                : Did well to save the penalty

David Luiz (5.0)            : Could have been sent-off before the half-time

Bosingwa (6.5)               : Excellent delivery from the right flank

Alex (5.5)                        : Struggled to deal with Carroll

Ryan Bertrand (6.0)     : Was out of the position

Romeu (7.0)                    : Was constructive all the time

Lampard (5.5)                : Played more defense than attacking

Malouda (5.5)                 : Hit the bar with his header other wise ineffective

McEachran (5.0)            : Limped away with injury

Lukaku (5.5)                    :Showed some excellent pace

Torres (4.0)                     : Didn’t played like a £50 million man


Ramires (6.5)              : Came in for McEachran

Mata (6.0)                    : As usual great passes

Anelka (6.0)                : Could not find his way past Reina

Goal Highlights Here:


12 thoughts on “This Is It?? Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

  1. What really happened to Torres? I mean in Liverpool and At. Madrid days he was a topgoalscorer. And now at Chelsea…….?????? What really happened to him??????? He is surely a waste of money….

  2. I’m an avid Chelsea fan myself but what with now residing in the USA much of my time when possible , I try to stream the games via the internet to catch up on what’s happening back in England . Born and raised in the East End of London . tophatal ………. 😉

  3. Why do you think it took so long, after this post, for AVB to go? Could he have saved his job by winning against West Brom, or he was living game after game?

    • He was definitely living game after game at Stamford as he made controversy in the field and in the dressing room…..He was win-less for 7 match in all competition….A win against WBA was enough to keep him alive but he failed to do that!!…So you know the next step what Abramovich will do!!!!

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