What the Hell Happened?? WBA 1 Chelsea 0

Yet another disappointing display from Chelsea condemned them to a narrow 1-0 defeat at the Hawthorns on Saturday at the hands of hosts West Bromwich Albion, who celebrated their entry into the top half of the table with a deserved win after outplaying Andre Villas-Boas’ side. The victory was earned through Gareth McAuley, who found himself unmarked a few yards goal and he tapped the ball into the an empty net as a boisterous Hawthorns rejoiced West Brom’s first victory over Chelsea since 1979. Daniel Sturridge missed two fine chances for Chelsea, who have only won three of their last 12 league games.The Blues are now three behind Arsenal in 4th spot while West Brom move into 9th place and also up more doubts over Villas-Boas’ reign at the helm of the West London club.


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Asked whether just three wins in the club’s last 12 Premier League games was good enough, Villas-Boas told the BBC in his post-match interview that it clearly was not. “It is not good enough for quite some time now and our position in the league is fifth place”, admitted the Portuguese. “And when that is the case it means something is wrong and what is wrong is the statistics that we don’t win enough.”

Villas-Boas now faces a run of tough games as he tries to rescue Chelsea’s season. The Blues play Birmingham City (away) in an FA Cup replay, host Stoke City in the Premier League, then Napoli in the Champions League, before clashes with Manchester City (away) and Tottenham Hotspur (home).


Andre Villas-Boas is on the verge of the sack and Chelsea already have Rafa Benitez lined up to take over the reins before Tuesday’s FA Cup replay with Birmingham, according to The Mail on Sunday he Mirror on Sunday and insists that Abramovich only wants Benitez to take over for the remaining 11 games of the Premier League season before turning to Guardiola, whom he hopes to bring to the club in the summer.

The Best Part is:

  • WBA was definitely “SUPERIOR THAN CHELSEA” (as said by the great AVB!!)
  • Phil Dowd did a good refereeing surprisingly yesterday!!
  • Petr Cech was on fire without whom we would have definitely lost by 4 or 5.
  • A Liverpool defeat which means the Carling Cup springboard to further success theory might have just failed which will leaves us clear for 6th or 7th.

The bad part is:

  • Everything about us at the moment – not singling out any individuals as collectively they were all poor and one was very ugly.
  • An Arsenal win. Now clear points between us and them and despite the criticism Wenger gets, they look far more likely than us at the moment.
  • The CFC fans who sang ‘You’re getting sacked in the morning’. Truth or shameful??.

The ugly part is:

  • Didier Drogba was really really awful. Yuks!!!! Do we really think he’d save our season? A shadow of the player he was. Truly abysmal.



7 thoughts on “What the Hell Happened?? WBA 1 Chelsea 0

  1. OK, don’t know how I ended up following you, but I still will just to keep on my EPL football, but I’m an Arsenal supporter (admittedly b/c they are the first EPL team I heard of.) As I am an American who is a newbie I won’t start any here.

  2. It was painful to watch yesterday, it hurts to watch our players been treated like dogs as he whistled at them to get in positions that were obviously not going to work !

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