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Hulk happy to be linked with Chelsea – FourFourTwo.

“I want to continue to win trophies,” the forward said. “That is what I want to do if I join Chelsea.”

Not sure how reliable this information this is, at the moment. Looks very legit to me. There were some twitter rumors earlier about Hulk and Schurrle.

Bayer Leverkusen are said to be looking for Schurrle’s replacement. They are supposed to inform Chelsea about Schurrle’s deal by this weekend.

Hulk still seems to be the top  priority for Chelsea. If earlier rumors are to be believed, Chelsea and Porto could have come to an agreement on the initial payment structure for the deal. Porto were said to be demanding 100% of the fee upfront. They had later come down to 75%.

Moreover, there were issues regarding the 15% player rights as Porto own only 85% of Hulk’s rights. Porto said…

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