RAFAEL BENITEZ – Our 33rd Manager

The offical site of Chelsea has confirmed that the new manager of Chelsea is Rafa Benitez, a former coach of Valencia,Liverpool and Inter Milan. He is the ninth coach from Abramovich era.

“Chelsea Football Club has appointed Rafael Benitez on place of temporaty manager until the end of the current season. Owners and the management of team believe that Benitez is a manager with great experience, who can immediately achieve desired results.

The Spaniard on Thursday for the first time will meet with the players ” , states in a brief statement to the public, Chelsea.

“Yes, I heard that Di Matteo was fired, but no one from the club has contacted me. Of course it’s very attractive job and such an offer would be hard to refuse,” said Benitez.

“Lately, my agent is looking for a new club, and I told him that I only want the one with whom i can make the right result, and Chelsea certainly falls into that category, “added the Spaniard”.

Now let’s look in the point-of-view of Chelsea supporters: 

“We want longevity, we want trophies, we want success like anybody but this is making us look a bit like a laughing stock” – Chelsea Supporter Group Chair Trizia Fiorellino.

After all, Robert di Matteo’ (still extremely short) spell lasted 262 days, which is six days longer than Andre Villas-Boas got, 19 more than Avram Grant, and 29 extra than Luis Felipe Scolari.



8 thoughts on “RAFAEL BENITEZ – Our 33rd Manager

  1. RA is obiously a bad owner. Alex Ferguson’s first six years at Manchester United was without any trophy, but the management was very patient and the patience paid off afterwards.
    I feel bad for your club, ruled by a horrible oil businessm
    an who knows nothing about ootball.

    • Roman Abramovich is just another normal businessman who knows nothing about football and wants just profits!!!! He does not have any patience just like any other businessman….They sometimes hesitates (in the case of RA, everytime) if they come to know that they will be running in losses in the near future…So conclusion- sack ROMAN ABRAMOVICH….I don’t care if we will run into losses or relegate, but we should no loose our respect towards football….

      • If he were to be sacked, there would have to be someone capable of buying off his membership. That means there would have to be someone richer. In the end your club will fall into another businessman’s hand. But I hope a good businessman.

  2. I’m actually shocked that Di Matteo was sacked, he was only four points behind Chelsea and only had four bad games. But I found something interesting that was floating around Twitter yesterday, “Chelsea have spent £68million on sacking managers since 2004. More than Everton’s net spend since the Premier League was founded.”

    • This is a pure disgrace to football. Roman Abramovich has actually sacked RDM before Mark Hughes who has never won with QPR this season. Still they have not lost trust in him. But here, this f****** oil businessman just have no place for patience..Teams like Man Utd , Everton, Arsenal’s managers have found stability just because the Board had faith, patience in the one they have chosen. Abramovich should learn from them but the fear is that he will never will!!

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