JT Is Back!!

Southampton and Arsenal fans are now begining to be afraid of Chelsea for many reasons quite frankly (after beating the best defense of the EPL with four goals to none) but mainly because our CAPTAIN, our LEADER, our LEGEND …wait for it….JOHN TERRY’ back!! After being said that he would return in three weeks officially after the horrific tackle from Suarez on November 11, Terry returned to the pitch. With Cahill having a party with his family after his girlfriend Gemma gave birth to a baby boy (which explains his absence at Britinia Stadium) and Luiz shifting to the defensive-midfield role with Mikel jetting off to play for ACN, his return just seems to be at the right time. With Lampard back with his goal scoring form after thumping seven goals in his last eight starts for Chelsea, Chelsea might play LAMPARD along with TERRY after a long…….. time (I know all the Blues are just waiting to see this combination!!) Despite being 11 points adrift behind Manchester United and horrible knockout from the Champions League we are keen to close the gap after Liverpool meets Manchester United in the comming 4 hours..

With Chelsea winning in an emphatic fashion yesterday, we have inflicted both the heaviest defeat (0-7 – April 2010) and the heaviest home defeat (0-4) on Stoke in the Premier League. I guess this is another reason for being afraid…Are you all Arsenal fans listening??



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