Roman and Jose will kiss and make up to rekindle the spirit of 2004

Game of the People

Those Chelsea fans that were hoping for Pep Guardiola are no doubt saddened by the news that the former Barcelona manager is going to the extremely attractive and prosperous city of Munich. But at the same time, with Guardiola out of the way, it should signal the return to Stamford Bridge of Jose Mourinho.

There are many reasons why “The special one” may want to return to Chelsea, not least because of the financial inducement that would come his way. Mourinho and Chelsea are made for each other. Since they parted company in 2007, the two parties have longed for a reunion. Mourinho has never burned his [Stamford] bridges and needless to say, Abaramovich has said nothing.

There’s unfinished work at Chelsea for Mourinho. His Chelsea would never have lost at home to QPR, surrendered a two-goal lead so tamely, lost to Swansea in a two-legged tie or, let’s face…

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One thought on “Roman and Jose will kiss and make up to rekindle the spirit of 2004

  1. As a Chelsea Football Club fan, I could not agree more. I would love to see Jose Mourinho back at the bridge, but I think it will take a lot for Abramovich to swallow his pride and give him the job back. Since Rafa has been in charge, we have gone from a club that used to be able to dominate the league when Jose was in charge, to a team that quite frankly could not win a raffle even if it was rigged. I would love to see us dominate the league, and make teams fear us, and comfortably win games. If Jose comes back and that’s a big If, I would love to see Jose sort out the contracts of John Terry, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole. The reason why I say this, is because they still have a lot to give. For Example Frank Lampard needs 9 more Premier League goals or more, to be Chelsea’s all time goal scoring player. If I was abramovich I would seriously consider signing him up on a lifelong contract at Chelsea Football Club, the same with John Terry. I really hope Mourinho does come back to Chelsea to install the good old days back that I remember so well. Will he be back? Only time will tell.


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