Managerial Candidates: Part 2: Jose Mourinho

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Jose has been there, done that and has several t-shirts. Portugal, England, Italy and now Spain. Everywhere he has gone he has bought success.

He shot into the scene as the young, suave Portuguese maestro after being mentored by Sir Bobby Robson at Barcelona. He’s eccentric, he’s suave and he’s cocky. But behind this outer shell lies one of the games greatest tacticians. A man who can turn a game with a simple move, whether the right change at the right time, making a center forward defend or a defender attack, no one can take anything away from this man. This manager could have a simple team talk of ‘you will win. 2-0’. What team would not want him?

Style or steel?

Steel. And Iron. One of the very few criticisms of Jose is that his mentality is to win above all else, sacrificing the ‘proper way’. Jose is…

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