A New Beginning, A New Era, Can we please do things different?

Chelsea FC 360


The second match between Chelsea and Man City was marked to be the last game that Rafa Benitez had with the Chelsea team. And now that we can give him our heartfelt farewell and say thanks for his efforts, a new beginning awaits for us. And if reports all around are to be believed, Jose Mourinho is going to be the one creating the new ‘special’ era for the club. Ofcourse it is an exciting moment for every Chelsea fan. The man who had won over our hearts in the past is now probably coming back to lead us once more. It is all like a written script, a fairytale, a classic romantic movie, lovers could move as far from each other, but by the climax, they will be together. Such is the case between Chelsea FC and Jose Mourinho. Ok ok, now it’s getting a little too dreamy, let’s…

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