Just A Scenario #5 (Captaincy Confusion)

Chelsea FC 360


It is the 25th of June, and Jose Mourinho has successfully completed his move to Chelsea FC. The first thing Roman Abramovich has asked Jose is to consider his opinion that Chelsea FC needs a new captain now that John Terry is not expected to stay at the club for too many years to come. Jose has to make a confident and well though of decision for the well being of his club. His options are:

1) Petr Cech

2) Branislav Ivanovic

3) David Luiz

4) Juan Mata

5) Gary Cahill

And since it was just a suggestion by Roman and not an order, these three also are applicable to the list, but it would mean that Jose would address the captaincyissues the next season.

6) John Terry

7) Frank Lampard

8) Ashley Cole

You are Jose Mourinho, make up your choice as to who will be your choice of…

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