A Counter View on Signing Rooney or Suarez

Chelsea FC 360


The whole Chelsea family is out there busy trying to judge the positives of having either Wayne Rooney or Luis Suarez as the next marquee signing for our beloved Chelsea FC, so I thought let me take some time and come up with a counter view, what exactly would be the negatives if we sign either of them. And before any of you point out to the fact that it was me who had actually been going on and on how Rooney was supposed to be the last missing of our jigsaw puzzle, I’l admit I still want Wayne as our number one target, and if not him, Suarez it is. Both are phenomenal players with immense qualities and can easily spearhead us towards a trophy-rich season. But are there negatives? Is there a risk? Oh yes, here you go.

Wayne Rooney:


1)      Attitude: Alex Ferguson is considered to be…

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