Romelu Lukaku – Didier Drogba replacement

Football wonderkid

In 2011 Didier Drogba was 33 years old, so  Chelsea knew that  they need replacement for biggest Chelsea star. And they found very similar young talent from Belgium Romelu Lukaku.

Lukaku was born in Antwerp,a city in northern Belgium. His father, Roger Lukaku, played professional football and was capped at international level by Zaire. Romelu is very keen in learning so he waited then he finished school and then went to London. Also Romelu speak 6 different languages. But then he was schoolboy he played for Belgium teams like Rupel Boom, Lierse and Anderlecht. Namely in this club Lukaku drew a lots scouts eyes.  In three years Lukaku scored 33 goals and was team leader, so it was just time of question then he go away from Anderlecht. In 2011 Lukaku signed 5 years old contract with Chelsea. Chelea paid around €12 million (£10 million), rising to €20 million (£17…

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